MALFY® Gin, the largest premium gin distilled in Italy, is pleased to introduce of MALFY Gin Rosa and MALFY Con Arancia to the U.S., joining the existing offerings, MALFY Originale and MALFY Gin Con Limone, each in a unique, eye-catching frosted bottle.
Italy is considered the birthplace of gin, invented by monks on the Salerno Coast in the 11th century. MALFY Gin is produced at family-owned Torino Distillati (est. 1906), just outside of Turin, an area famed for its production of wine and spirits.
MALFY Gin Rosa and MALFY Con Arancia are two exciting new products which continue to celebrate Italian heritage, produce and technique. Master distillers, duo Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni are confident that the finished result for each new expression is uniquely fulfilling.
MALFY Gin Rosa is a fresh and bright gin distilled using the peel of sun-ripened Sicilian pink grapefruits, grown in citrus groves on the Mediterranean coast where the mountains greet the sea. It is then combined with the finest Italian juniper and infused in Italian grain spirit for 36 hours. Five additional botanicals: lemon peel, grapefruit peel, angelica root, orris root and coriander are then expertly distilled in a stainless-steel vacuum still for five hours. The result is a pale, pink gin bursting with fresh, citrus notes.
Of Rosa, Elwyn Gladstone, founder and owner of Biggar & Leith, the owners of Malfy Gin says: “We also add in a small amount of Rhubarb distillate. Rabarbaro (Rhubarb) is an Italian specialty – and is used a great deal in famous Italian drinks such as Aperol – it rounds the flavor and gives some nice complexity with the other botanicals such as juniper and coriander (which is an excellent botanical for making the citrus flavor come forward – and thus we use lots of it!)”
MALFY Con Arancia is the first of its kind – it is distilled with Sicilian blood oranges which have been awarded Protected Geographical Status. Using the same distillation method as Rosa, the Sicilian blood oranges are combined with Italian juniper and infused with Italian grain spirit for 36 hours, before five additional botanicals are added then distilled in a stainless-steel vacuum still for five hours. The result is a vibrant, dark orange-colored gin bursting with zesty, citrus notes.
Of the Con Arancia, Ronco says: “We have created a completely unique taste profile bursting with citrus flavors throughout. The experience begins with orange blossom enveloping the nose whilst on the palate crisp, citrus-forward, raspberry-like flavors are nicely balanced by classic herbal notes. To finish, a final burst of sweet orange zest offers a surprisingly smooth, well-rounded mouth-feel.”
Both MALFY Rosa and MALFY Con Arancia are ideal when mixed simply with tonic, Prosecco or fresh lemonade. Each will be distributed nationally at an average SRP of $29.99 per 750 ml.