I’ve heard of Little House on The Prairie and A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, but I’ve never heard of Prairie Organic Vodka. On top of that, I’ve heard about organic all sorts of things, as well as all sorts of kosher other things, but organic and kosher vodka – whoever heard of such a thing? Well, we both have now. Handcrafted certified organic and kosher is the way Ed Phillips and Sons, the fifth-generation of family distillers hailing from, of all places, Phillips, Minnesota, distill their corn vodka out there on the prairies.

And don’t just take their word for it; they have been certified organic by the USDA and kosher by the Orthodox Union. Not only are they all that but they are also green and clean. Any biomass waste is processed and either used to run the stills or as feed on the farms from which the corn originated. Hell, even the glass in the bottles is recycled and packed in cardboard from sustainable wood pulp. All of this makes me want to go shred some paper and donate it to them. Actually I’m lying; all of this makes me want to go ahead and taste their vodka, so let’s give it a try and see if it’s tasty as well as clean and green.


Prairie Organic Vodka comes packaged in a clean and clear bottle with an antique flavored label of pale yellow and pale blue. The nose starts with a soft, warm, creamy aroma with almost no alcohol traces followed by a hint of green melon. The palate follows in kind with warm notes, a touch of pepper but really not that much and pretty much stays clean and refreshing, which is something I have never experienced with a vodka before. The finish is really smooth and also delightfully warm and clean. This is one vodka that finally comes the closest to the definition of vodka that states it’s a spirit with no color, no taste, and no aroma. I’ve tasted a lot of different vodkas in my time, and this one has to have the cleanest taste I have ever experienced. Hands down, its taste totally beats vodkas costing two and three times as much. I have recently been looking for a vodka that didn’t require a chaser of some kind after downing a straight shot and I do believe I have finally found it. This Prairie Vodka has found a home with me; if you can find it, buy it – you won’t regret it!

I just can’t believe that a vodka this tasty and this pure and organic can be had at this low price point. Prairie Vodka sells for around $24.00 per 750ml. bottle and weighs in at 40% ABV.


By George Brozowski