What can you do with Idaho potatoes, Rocky Mountain spring water, and Canadian birch charcoal? Even though a barbeque comes to mind first, that isn’t the right answer – make vodka is the right answer! Some of the best potato vodkas have come from Poland and Russia and don’t even get me started on which one is better; however, since I’m Polish, you just might be able to guess which way I might sway.

Since potatoes have actually put Idaho on the map, it would make good sense to locate a distillery close to those world famous fields. I actually prefer potato based vodka and even vodka made from grapes over corn and other grain based vodkas. They simply taste better, rounder, softer and are smoother, and after all, isn’t all that the point of a good vodka? Also, should you suffer from Celiac Disease (an intolerance to gluten from grains), this is naturally going to be your vodka.


Well, let’s see what this Snake River spirit is all about. It comes in a plain transparent bottle with a blue and gray label which is nicely designed and simply stated. The nose is subtly sweet yet clean and refreshing with no alcohol smell. The palate continues in the same line as the nose and is clean with a touch of sweetness and earthiness, yet it is not oily or thick. It is also pleasantly smooth and neat and has no alcohol bite or even any spiciness; this is seriously smooth vodka. The finish is also clean and very smooth with no bite and no pepper, just a bit of warmth at the back of the throat that lasts a short time and requires absolutely no chaser. This is an amazing vodka for the price, $25.00 for 750 ML. This spirit beats up vodkas costing twice as much. If you can find it near you get some and experience the taste that comes really close to the true definition of vodka, odorless, no taste, no flavor, just pure enjoyment.

By George Brozowski