Well waddya know, high tech finally not only meets low tech but they date, get married and run off together and have thousands of babies.  In this particular case the high tech is the website kickstarter.com which bills itself as “the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects” and the low tech, although not so low, is the wanna-be new Scotch on the block, SIA (the Gaelic word for 6).

I’ve known about Kickstarter for a while now and they have crowd funded numerous start-ups.  Essentially, the entrepreneur describes the project on their website, the overall goals and costs to launch and hundreds if not thousands of people wanting to get in on the action pledge amounts of money ranging from a few bucks to a few thousand bucks and if the monetary goal is achieved the product or service launches and everyone holds their collective breath.

The entrepreneur in this case is Carin Luna-Ostaseski a Scotch enthusiast, licensed bartender and a former Creative Director who has spent years blind tasting over 100 different Scotches and then testing and tweaking variations until she came up with “THE” Scotch.  In this case it is a blended Scotch whisky distilled, matured and produced in Scotland containing a blend of Speyside and Highlands Scotch with a touch of Islay.

There must be a lot of Scotch lovers out there because Carin not only met her goal of raising $39,000 but exceeded it and with the help of 245 new friends/investors she raised $45,784 and produced her first batch of the new Scotch.  Well, let’s see how she did.

It is pale golden in color.  It is crisp and clean on the nose and not oaky at all and just very slightly smoky.  It continues with a sweet citrus like quality that eventually settles into a peppery toffee. The smoke finally takes center stage on the palate but it is not overwhelming and nicely balanced with the sweet citrus.  It really is a simple pleasure and not overly complicated.  The finish concludes with the citrus coming in first followed by the smokey scotch which lasts a fair amount of time leaving a clean mouth feel with a slight tingle.

On the rocks, the palate becomes nuanced and all the flavors blend harmoniously with the smoke taking a gentle lead and the citrus blending back a bit.  This is a delicate scotch that a first timer might like and an old timer might take to sipping on a summer’s day.  If you can get your hands on it give it a try, it comes in a 750ml bottle and is 86 proof.


By George Brozowski