23 different rums (16 flavored) and counting, that’s how many rums Cruzan distills on the island of St. Croix and they’ve been doing it there since the early 1800’s. When I first picked up this bottle of Cruzan tropical fruit rum I noticed it was only 21% ABV (42 proof) which is about half the alcohol of their unflavored rums and well below their 151 proof rum. Why the low alcohol content? Lower alcohol means fewer calories and it also means you can have that extra drink without feeling too guilty or falling down. It also means that a 750ML bottle will only cost you around $10.00 and that’s quite a bargain these days. Besides, they must know what they’re doing because they have won countless competitions with all their rum products.

We’ve previously tasted Cruzan’s Diamond Light Rum and their Single Barrel Rum as well as their peach flavored rum and have enjoyed all of them. So let’s get on with the show! Cruzan tropical fruit rum comes in a lightly frosted bottle that allows you to see the clear rum inside. The nose is sweet and fruity with no detectable alcohol vapors. I can detect subtle notes of watermelon, orange, and lime. The palate is also sweet and fruity and citrusy with the orange and lime coming forward. The finish is also sweet and smooth leaving traces of orange peel and a hint of rum and lasts a short amount of time. Throwing in an ice cube seems to sharpen and focus the flavors a bit more and makes them more distinct.

This spirit is so sweet you can completely forget that simple syrup you usually use in your mixed drinks because you’re not going to need it. As a matter of fact I added some Cruzan light rum to this fruity mixture and I do believe I like it less sweet. The added alcohol also brought out more of the fruit flavor and besides that I liked that I could actually taste the rum more. If you like your rum sweet this baby will fill the bill and I recommend experimenting with it because there’s a lot of potential here for just ten bucks.


By George Brozowski