So you think you’re a rummy? You’re favorite drink is rum, really good rum not those rum and coke rums but real rum straight up and neat as can be. You know a lot about rum. You drink a lot of rum. Well, let’s see if you really are a rummy or just a wanna be rummy.

As a professional alcoholic, it’s my job to know a bit and write about a number of diverse spirits. Whenever I get my hands on a new bottle of hooch I like to hit the books and see what new tidbit of information or wild story or rampant rumor I can surface and share with you. I thought it might be fun to give you a quiz to try out your knowledge of rum. The answers are all at the bottom of this article. When you finish post a comment with your score and let us know just how much of a rummy you really are. If you got an 8, you’re a rummy alright. If you got a 9, you’re a real rummy and if you scored 10 out of 10, then you’re a professional alcoholic just like me. Good luck!

1. What is Rum distilled from?
2. What is the oldest Rum brand in Existence?
3. What is a Cuba Libre?
4. Where did Rum originate?
5. What is white Rum also known as?
6. Light Rum mixed with pineapple juice and coconut cream makes what?
7. How many calories in a shot of 80 proof rum?
8. What is a cocktail of light rum, lime wedges and club soda called?
9. Which country uses dunder and wild yeast for fermentation?
10. What type of still provides multiple distillations in one single pass?

Mount Gay Extra Old Rum is distilled in Barbados in the oldest distillery, not just the oldest Rum distillery, in the new world. It may have started production as early as 1663 but written proof puts it at 1703. First, crushed sugar cane is heated to squeeze out all the sugar crystals and molasses possible. Those molasses are then fermented for 72 hours and then distilled in both pot and column stills. That distillate is then entombed in charred Kentucky bourbon barrels for years. The Mount Gay Extra Old is a blend of the best years with the oldest being 17 years old.

The color of the Rum in the bottle is a light liquid amber. The nose boasts banana, honey and vanilla and is spicy and warm but surprisingly not oaky. On the palate, it shape shifts and acquires Bourbon highlights and caramel with a slight oak background. It continues to have spice notes but is not really spicy. It is actually quite well rounded and very pleasant. The finish is long and smooth with subtle spice finally leaving a beautiful after taste of a blend of Bourbon and Rum. This is a great straight up sipping Rum and on the rocks it mellows right out and releases even more tropical magic.

At about $40.00 per 750 ML bottle ,it is priced about right for the flavor and the experience. It is not overly complex, leaving that chore to its older brother the 1703 containing rums aged for 10 to 30 years. Rum this good should be enjoyed straight up or on the rocks. You should save the mixed drink duties for a Rum a bit less noteworthy. However, going against the grain, we tried it in a Cuba Libre and a Mojito and they were both excellent. You really might consider a less expensive Rum for a Cuba Libre. The Mojito, being the lighter mixture really let the Rum flavors shine through. Yeah, yeah, don’t give me a hard time, I know. You’re supposed to use light Rum, but hey, take a walk on the wild side with me and try this. I guarantee you’ll like it. Better yet, just drink it straight up from a snifter to get the best effect. Enjoy!

By George Brozowski

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Answers: 1. Sugarcane molasses 2. Mount Gay Rum 3. Rum and coke 4.Caribbean 5. Silver Rum 6. Pina Colada 7. 97 8. Classic Mojito 9. Jamaica 10. Column still