Tis the season for keeping warm – and what better than a hot coffee cocktail to warm the spirit and keep one going through the cold winter days. Mr. Espresso, a Bay Area roasting institution since the 1970s, has two Caffe Corretto recipes that are sure to be a hit for this and any occasion during the winter months. Caffe Corretto is an Italian beverage consisting of espresso to which a small amount of liquor is added. Literally translated, corretto means “correct”, as in espresso corrected by the liquor.

Moretta Fanese


For 1 serving

1 espresso

20 ml (0.7fl oz) anisette

10 ml (0.4fl oz) rum

10 ml (0.4fl oz) brandy

2 cane sugar sachets

lemon zest

Pour brandy, anisette and rum into a punch glass together with the cane sugar and heat with the steam wand until the sugar has fully dissolved. Dispense an espresso onto the surface and finish off with lemon zest. (They recommend preparing this recipe with espresso coffee. )

Affare Venezuelano

Affare Venezuelano

.5oz averna

.5oz pampero rum

.25oz all spice dram

Double espresso

Lime zest and garnish

The voluptuous pampero rum and bright sweet yet bitter averna are a perfect pairing. The work together like whiskey and sweet vermouth. To add a winter touch the all spice dram add a nice cinnamon clove that rounds the drink off. Surprisingly the lime zest turns this in to a citrus candy.

Corretto Mediterraneo

Corretto Mediterraneo

Double Espresso

.75 Grappa

.25 Sambuca

.25 cointreau

Orange twist