I don’t know if it’s just me, but have you noticed the deluge of really good, really inexpensive vodkas that have been washing up on our shores lately? For that matter have you also noticed the new vodkas being distilled here in the good old USofA that are coming down in price while upping the game taste wise?

Joining those aforementioned vodkas is the latest offering from the Ukraine, Khortytsa Platinum Vodka. The Khortytsa Distillery, established in 2003, is located in the City of Zaporizhzhia, in the south of Ukraine. On top of using the best grain available, they apparently developed a special silver and platinum filtration technology that improves the taste of their vodka which must work fairly well since they have won numerous awards and competitions and can be found in over 85 countries.

OK, so let’s see what all the fuss is about! The nose is bright and crisp with the barest hint of ethanol. I can detect the faint aroma of wheat and citrus, otherwise the nose is quite transparent. The palate is clean and slightly spicy with just a touch of that citrus. The finish is also slightly spicy and leaves a tingle in the back of my throat that lasts a medium amount of time. This vodka is about as close as you can get to a super-premium without paying that super-premium price. Khortytsa Platinum is a very good vodka that is actually worth about twice what they are charging for it simply based on how tasty it is.

Khortytsa Platinum Vodka is imported to the United States by Megapolis USA, a subsidiary of Global Spirits and retails for a suggested $14.99/per 750ml and is 40% ABV.


By George Brozowski