Ho,ho,ho, NO, NO, NO! Are you suffering from Christmas creep as badly as I am? Just exactly what in the world is going on with the holidays? It used to be that the holidays started the day after Thanksgiving and ended on January 2nd with fireworks and hangovers. That’s precisely the way God intended for it to go down. Then the creep started with the holidays starting just before Thanksgiving, and then it got creepier with the holidays starting with Halloween, and then the Halloween holiday started October 1st and now, after a whole lot of creeping, the holidays actually begin on the first day of school in September; that’s almost 4 straight months of the holidays.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like to party just as much as the next guy, but in the old days that usually meant several days of partying, not several months! I’ll bet we can blame all those heartless hedonists and rabid retailers out there for perpetrating this endless partying on us just to satisfy their own ends. The hedonists, I can understand since they, by their very nature, are pure party people but those greedy bastard retailers are just in it for the money, not the good times or even for religious reasons since their God is the almighty dollar.

I propose that we join with the hedonists and just party, party until we drop while not spending a dime in a retail store until February; that’ll teach them for screwing around with our holidays!


On the other hand, YO HO HO is the beginning of a pirate ditty that goes on to conclude …and a bottle of rum. And as everyone knows pirate partying is not relegated to any one holiday or even any one season, these guys were the original hedonists and they robbed retailers at the drop of a hat. Well, it seems that Kenney Chesney, the country western star wanna be pirate is the current head pirate of Blue Chair Bay Distillers, and they have put out a special limited run of Coconut Spiced Rum Cream for the holidays. Now, that really does deserve a hardy YOHOHO, so let’s get to it and party like pirates.

Oh man, this nose is the very essence of the holidays presenting sweet cream and vanilla, cinnamon and cloves and even a hint of nutmeg. On the palate, this tastes like the best egg nog I have ever had. The sweet cream and vanilla mix nicely with just the right amount of rum to present a very holiday like profile. The finish is sweet and smooth and continues those delicious spice notes of vanilla and cinnamon and lasts a fairly good while. On the rocks, it doesn’t back down and stays true to its sweet and spicy, vanilla cream profile. Forget making your own egg nog and get several bottles of this Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Rum Cream (man that is one hell of a long name!) and invite the holidays in, and thank Kenney and Santa and Black Beard ,and sit back and enjoy the holidays, and just maybe even be thankful that they last as long as they do, because you’ll have the perfect excuse to drink as much of this spirit as you might want to.

At right around $20.00 per 750 ml and at 30 proof, this is the holidays in a bottle.


By George Brozowski