Sip your way into summer and soak up the sun with a refreshing and minty cocktail. Mint based cocktails have been around since the beginning, but this summer we have decided to upgrade our recipes and try out these new and innovative sippers.   Whether used as a garnish or muddled inside the drink, these cocktails prove that mint is here to stay!


Raspberry Smash from Hearthstone

Raspberry Smash from Hearthstone

6-8 Mint Leaves

6 Fresh Raspberries

2 oz. 50 Bleu Vodka

1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

1 oz. Pomegranate Juice

½ oz. Simple Syrup

Build: Add mint and raspberries into mixing tin. Lightly muddle, to press berries and to release the oils from mint. Now add the rest of the ingredients. Add ice and shake vigorously. Now strain over crushed ice.

Glass: Rocks

Garnish: Lemon Wheel, Raspberry, Mint Sprig

Fresca Fizz from Bottiglia

Fresca Fizz from Bottiglia

4-6 Raspberries

10-12 Mint Leaves

1.5 oz Grey Goose Vodka or Sapphire East Gin

.75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

.75 oz Wilks & Wilson Raspberry Gomme Syrpup

1.5 oz Prosecco (add after shake)

Build: Add raspeberries, 6 mint leaves, and raspberry syrup into mixing tin, lighting muddle.  Add the rest of the ingredients, except for the prosecco.  Add ice and shake vigorously.  Now add 1.5 oz prosecco into mixing tin, and strain over crushed ice with 6 mint leaves on the bottom of the glass.

Ice: Crushed

Glass: Collins

Garnish: Raspberry, Mint Sprig