Dewar’s is the world’s most awarded blended Scotch whisky with more than 500 medals earned in international competitions, and since they’ve been whipping up scotch since 1846, I’ll just have to bet they know what they’re doing. Besides that, they’ve continued to use age statements on their scotch while many others have discontinued the practice, and I salute them for carrying on this time honored tradition.

Dewar’s pioneered the process of “marrying” the whisky in oak casks to allow the blend to age as one within the casks. After the blend is created, the whisky is returned to an oak cask and aged even further. The oldest scotch in this particular blend is 12 years old.


The bottle’s labels all have that old fashioned feel and look, as though they may have been designed 100 years ago, and they still look pretty darn good today. The nose is sweet and smoky featuring the peat and barley, with a touch of honey. Every aroma in this blend is well integrated into the overall presentation, with no one aroma jumping out at me over any other. The palate is also quite pleasantly balanced and smooth with, again, the peat and barley and smoke taking center stage, followed by a bit of honey. The finish is really smooth and smoky and sweet and lasts a short amount of time. I can see why they have won so many awards; this scotch is downright tasty, overall smooth, and all the flavors are well layered and balanced. It really embodies the definition of a scotch. Besides that, the price is right for this treat. You can buy more intriguing scotch and stronger scotch and more layered scotch, but I really don’t believe you can buy a much better scotch.

The price point on this scotch is literally all over the place and can be found starting at $21.00 and going all the way up to $42.00 per 750 ML bottle, so it’s really worth shopping around for this stuff. It is 40% ABV or 80 proof.

By George Brozowski