Award winning chef, television host and producer Gordon Ramsay released an exclusive Facebook 360 video that brings fans in to his newly renovated kitchen. In the 360 video, produced by immersive entertainment studio, Surreal, chef Ramsay and his youngest daughter, also a chef, Tilly, create one of their favorite meals, a full English Breakfast. The video is an exciting new development for the future of live-action 360/VR culinary content. Watch the video exclusively on Gordon’s Facebook page and in Oculus Video for Gear VR and Rift now.
As a viewer of HOTEL HELL it was delightful to see Chef Ramsey up close and personal working with his daughter, and getting his point of view on being a Chef dad. The father of four describes what he calls “the family DNA of Flavor” and discusses being a responsible parent. “It takes time to become a great dad by staying close to your kids and guiding them through life,” says Ramsey. Matilda says “having a chef father can be fun, and he is a great teacher.”
The father-daughter video showcases a ‘softer gentler’ side of Chef Gordon Ramsey in his new entertainment studio. Not only does this video give viewers the secrets to a delicious English Breakfast, but should be an inspiration to any family who enjoy getting together in the kitchen to create exciting new recipes.
Chef Ramsey’s HOTEL HELL season 3 premiered on May 24 on FOX, his MASTERCHEF season 7 premieres Wednesday June 1st on FOX, and MATILDA and THE RAMSAY BRUNCH Season 2 airs Fridays on CBBC-BBC.

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