In a collision of big flavors Rogue Brewing has released Cold Brew IPA. Each bottle starts with Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Cold Brew Coffee, which is made with the highest quality coffee, cold-brewed for over 12 hours, and then double filtered for a smooth, complex flavor. It is blended with an IPA that is brewed using Rogue Farms hops and specifically designed to meld with Cold Brew Coffee.  The result is a unique interplay of hops and coffee flavors.


Cold Brew IPA

American IPA


Coffee & chocolate malt notes initially on the nose building into some citrus hops at the end.


The taste follows the nose with a lot of coffee notes up front which makes way for the chocolate malt flavors that linger. The coffee flavors do have the potential to over power some of the hops but there is a bit of a citrus zest at the end to let you know its an IPA.


Surprisingly smooth finish given how high the IBU’s are. Coffee bitterness can linger which sets you up perfectly for another sip.


Grab a Pint the next time you are visiting the Brewery or local bottle shop.




By Mathew Phillips

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