A few months ago I reviewed Prairie vodka and was quite favorably impressed. Those good old boys down in Minnesota sure know how to produce a clean, clear, tasty, smooth, and even Kosher vodka that’s priced at an unbelievable $24.00 per 750 ML bottle. You can read my rave review here.

Well, I guess those guys had some time on their hands and were probably smoking something strange, so they started making a cucumber flavored vodka. Cucumber? Well I’ve tasted some pretty odd flavors of vodka like Buffalo Grass, Watermelon and Grapefruit, so I guess Cucumber isn’t really that far-fetched. I wonder if it makes a decent salad dressing? Well, let’s find out.

prairie-cucumber-vodka (1)


The first thing I notice is that they have reduced the alcohol content to 35% ABV from 40% in their regular vodka. The second thing I notice is that this flavored vodka is $4.00 to $7.00 less expensive than their regular vodka. I guess that would make sense since there is less alcohol, but it probably evens out with the expense of those darn cucumbers. At any rate, let’s get to it.

The bottle is clear and tall and has a pale green label that is reminiscent of the 1920’s. The nose is crisp, clean and earthy, and does, in fact, have a faint cucumber like smell, and by that, I mean I can sense the skin and seeds as well as the meat of the cucumber. It is a mild aroma, but it definitely smells like the real thing. On the palate, I get that same faint cucumber taste along with a bit of salt – otherwise the taste is very clean and crisp and refreshing. The finish is smooth with a hint of pepper and lasts a medium amount of time. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this cucumber flavored vodka, but the boys at Prairie put this one together quite nicely. I do believe it might even make a tempting salad dressing.


By George Brozowski