Have you noticed how lately every actor, pop star, rock star, and country western star all have their own brand of spirits? I’m guessing that NASCAR stars don’t promote booze for fairly obvious reasons, hee hee! Well, here we go again. Just a few years ago Justin Timberlake founded 901 tequila and since then has been trying to single handedly destroy the lime production industry. He says his tequila is so good, you don’t need a chaser or a lime. Well, I’ll give him this; it’s triple distilled rather than just being double distilled like most other tequilas, so he may have a point there.

But personally, I think that Justin needed Sauza in order to make the 901 brand really fly. While Justin comes with a fairly impressive resume: he’s a pretty good singer, a talented actor, fairly funny, and hey, after all, he’s married to Jessica Biel, and you and I aren’t, and you and I are damn jealous. Well, at least I am! However, there’s nothing to do with tequila on there.  Sauza, on the other hand, has been making tequila since 1873, and by 1978, they sold a record breaking 3 million cases in just that one year. In 2003, Casa Sauza was recognized as the world’s most consumed tequila, and they had such a strong business model that in 2007, they joined the Beam family. Together, they now have Sauza 901.

So let’s get to where the rubber meets the road and try this tequila without that damn lime.

Sauza 901 Bottle Image2

Sauza 901 comes in a clear bottle that is rounded at the back and has 3 vertical facets cut into the front. This odd shape actually works quite well to show off the rooster that is painted on the back of the bottle. From the front it looks like there are three roosters: a kind of M.C. Escher like effect. Of course, the tequila in that bottle is clear as water as well since it is un-aged silver tequila, and I have to admit, I prefer the un-aged tequila to the oak aged tequila because it just tastes more like tequila to me. I actually like that roasted agave flavor, and I don’t like it messed around with all that much.

The nose is pure agave that is very light and flavorful with just a hint of vanilla and contains absolutely no ethanol vapors. The palate is also flavorful featuring the agave upfront with slight traces of vanilla and is quite smooth, with almost no bite and just a smidgen of pepper. The finish is also very smooth with the vanilla coming in almost equal to the agave, and there is neither bite nor sharpness, and the finish is short but sweet. This is one of the smoothest tequilas I have ever tasted. I have to give Timberlake his due on this one; it’s just downright tasty and so smooth, it really doesn’t need that nasty old lime or even a chaser. It really lives up to its billing and hype. On top of that, it is priced quite reasonably. A 750 ML bottle, 40% ABV, will run you around $30.00 per bottle. You really should do yourself a favor and snag yourself a bottle, and try this tequila because the chances of you or I ever snagging Jessica Biel are slim to none – you go Justin!


By George Brozowski