Kenny Chesney must have recently hired some extremely stingy people to work for him promoting Blue Chair Bay Rum. Now, why in the world would I make such an inflammatory statement? In the not too distant past those previously good folks at Blue Chair Bay sent me a sample of their Coconut Spiced Rum Cream to try. They sent over a tiny, teeny little sample bottle, but at least it was full so I could do a full round of tastings. Then Kenney apparently got rid of those good people and replaced them with bad people. Just last week, those bad people sent me the exact same teeny, tiny bottles of Vanilla Rum and Banana Rum Cream to try but they only put a shot and a half in each bottle – they were virtually empty.

When I receive samples to taste to either rant or rave about, I try those spirits in several ways, just to be fair to the distiller. First, I like to try their spirit straight up (usually at room temperature), then straight up chilled or on the rocks, and then, if they are meant for mixing, I mix up a drink. That process takes at least 3 shots and more than likely 4 to 6 shots. It’s tough to give a fair judgment about a spirit when there’s barely enough for one taste. Come on Kenney, dump these bad people and bring back the good people.


Well, let’s get to it and see what we shall see, that is if we see anything at all. The Vanilla Rum has almost no nose except maybe a bit of a funky vanilla aroma followed by a hint of rum. I’m guessing that funky smell might have gone away if this Vanilla Rum were either chilled or placed over ice. On the palate, the vanilla steps right up, and I have to admit is nice and sweet and creamy followed by the rum and then followed by that funky taste. The finish is smooth and long leaving a sweet vanilla taste, thankfully without that funk factor following. This might be an excellent mixer or even better on the rocks, but we’ll never know because I ran out after three sips.

On to the Banana Rum Cream. This rum looks like milk and has a soft banana nose, followed by the unmistakable aroma of rum. On the palate, it initially tastes just like a banana milk shake. It is rich and creamy and smooth and reminds me of an egg nog with rum in it. The finish is a delightful banana taste accompanied by cream and vanilla followed by that hint of rum. This Banana Cream Rum would probably have been really good on the rocks and might have made a decent dessert drink, but again, we’ll never know. I really liked this spirit; it was rich and creamy and very tasty.

A 750 ML bottle of either the Vanilla Rum (26.5% ABV) or Banana Rum Cream (15% ABV) will only set you back just under $20.00 per bottle.


By George Brozowski