For anyone that’s ever wanted to make sushi at home but wasn’t sure how, here is an easy to follow, step-by-step method of the process.  Now you can impress guests or come-up with your own unique creations. Enjoy!


  1. Make a sushi grade rice in advance, ( available through Lundberg Rice brands), let cool. Use your hands to shape into a ball, and then flatten.

  1. Choose a Nori seaweed paper, perfect for sushi, cut to size, lay out on table. Pat the rice onto the Nori, try to keep away from the edges.

  1. Use your hands to shape the rice.

  1. Choose your fresh vegetables to place inside the sushi. This can be a completely creative process, and can come from your own choices of fresh available veggies. Slice very thin.

  1. Add fresh, sushi grade, fish. Choose a trusted purveyor. Fresh is everything. Slice sliver thin.

  1. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Then roll.

  1. Roll carefully

    1. Slice into equal size piece

             9. Your final presentation after slicing