With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, many of us are looking forward to the celebrations – but not so much the morning after.  Thus, it seems an appropriate time to revisit the ongoing line of  “recover from a hangover” beverages. The latest to come to my attention is RESQWATER. It’s designed to help your body metabolize the substance responsible for a hangover, acetaldehyde.

Of course, such a product requires “research” or “trials” to see how effective it really is. So I decided to test the water out twice – once after a wine event and once after a cocktail party. (They say you shoud drink it after every few drink during your alcohol consumption and just before bed, but I don’t know anyone who plans ahead like that. Therefore, I only tested it the mornings after.)

At the wine event, I tasted twelve different wines. They were all measured 1.5 oz pours (which equals about 4 or 5 glasses).  The next morning, I had some tension in my head and felt a little blah.  So I reached for the RESQWATER. The first thing that stuck me was the aroma.  It was not what I was expecting. Most of the “hangover recovery” drinks I’ve tried are kind of sweet and fruity (like, say, Rockstar Recovery). This one was salty and lemony.  A sip brought forth the same kind of flavors – salt and slightly tart lemon. I wasn’t a big fan of the taste, but it was quite light, which made it easier to drink the whole 8 oz bottle. About twenty to thirty minutes later, I noticed a bit of improvement in my state. The tension in my head had subsided and I felt a little more lively. That made it worth putting-up with the  rather unorthodox palate.

At the cocktail party, I had six different mixed-drinks.  In my 20’s, that would have been a normal Friday night. Now that I’m 40, six drinks is a lot. (I hate getting old.)  Thus, the next morning, I did not feel good: a pounding headache and a bit of nausea plagued me. I drank one 8 oz bottle of the  RESQWATER. Half-an-hour later, I did not feel any better. So I tried to drink a second bottle.  The taste prevented me from finishing it.


Ergo, in short, I found  RESQWATER useful for a lighter night of drinking since I only needed to consume one bottle to feel a bit better. However, for a night of more serious overindulgence, it’s not worth it in my opinion since one would need to get down more than one bottle to feel better. I will note that they do make other flavored versions of RESQWATER, but I can’t say if they are easier to palate since I only sampled the regular kind.

So enjoy your  St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and if you over do it, RESQWATER just might help get you through the next morning with a little less unpleasantness(www.resqwater.com).




By Michael Perkins