Une Année is a Chicago Brewery focused on making great beer with an emphasis on Belgian and French styles.  Their approach is to make a few beers very well rather than a really wide variety.  Thus, it’s no surprise that the beers they offer are in-line with their traditional styles and all enjoyable to drink.




Belgian IPA

The brewery’s flagship beer, this is a rather light IPA with a moderate citrus hops on the nose. It also brings some of the Belgian-style sweetness initially on the palate. Maya would make a good transition ale for people looking to make the jump from Pale Ale’s to IPA’s.


Less is More

Session Saison

This beer encapsulates a lot of the traditional features of a Saison being lower in alcohol content and having a higher carbonation. It lives up to its style by being crisp and easy to drink, with subtle notes of citrus and wheat.  Pair a glass with lighter foods on a hot summers eve, and it will surely hit the spot.


The Devil’s Reign

Belgian Golden St.

This is one of Une Année’s bigger beers. Heavy fruit notes consisting of pineapple and tangerine explode on the nose as it opens up. The beer is slightly sweet with nice Asian pear flavors that linger on the palate. The Devil’s reign can stand on its own, and if you run across it during your travels, you should give it a try.


By Matthew Phillips

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