It seems that rebel rocker Sammy Hagar can’t leave well enough alone with his Cabo Wabo Tequilas.  I was just handed a bottle of Cabo Diablo Coffee Liqueur made with Cabo Wabo Tequila Blanco and quite honestly the experience has left me a bit perplexed.  I love coffee, and of course, I also love tequila, but what do you do with this combination?  Do I drink it in the morning instead of my usual coffee or add it to my coffee?  This mixture certainly has the potential of both picking me up and then putting me right back down.  Do I drink it in the evening since it contains tequila?  Will the coffee keep me up all night?  Maybe I should do a couple of shots before heading out to a party so I have two distinct buzzes primed and ready to go. When the hell do you drink this stuff?

Well, I guess I should try it, as that might help answer the above questions.  This liqueur comes in a devilishly black bottle with white lettering that turns red after a while in the freezer – cute!! The nose is like a heavy perfume of coffee and vanilla and sugar with little or almost no tequila aroma.  On the palate, the coffee and vanilla come front and center followed by ripe red cherries, and finally, I can get a sense of the tequila, but it is muted and smooth and pleasant.  The finish is very sweet and smooth and long, leaving behind the feeling that I had just eaten chocolate covered cherries and had a coffee right behind them.  There is that slight tequila tingle as well.


OK, now I know when to drink this liqueur.  In the morning, I might have a touch in my coffee instead of sugar or any other artificial sweetener.   As a matter of fact, I would use this in place of maple syrup on my pancakes or maybe even just pour it directly over my bacon. YUM!  And of course it would make a decent after breakfast bracer possibly accompanied by a low-cal sugar free, gluten free diet doughnut.  I further imagine that a serious nap would follow just such a light-heart-ed breakfast.  Somehow, I can’t imagine having this during lunch, but I can sure imagine having it after lunch, instead of dessert.  It might be a bit heavy for a starter during happy hour but as a glaze poured over pork it would be divine. Before heading out for the evening I might catch myself having a couple of these to provide me with stamina and a bit of a buzz to get my evening going.  Again after dinner and into the wee hours I might substitute this for a brandy, especially if I had done the wise thing and abstained from dessert and needed something a bit sweet. However, I don’t believe I would brush my teeth with it!  After all, you just have to draw the line somewhere.

It’s 70 proof and a 750ml bottle is only $22.99 and that’s a small price indeed to pay for what may eventually become the true breakfast of champions.


By George Brozowski