Apparently De La Ron has quite a few irons in the proverbial fire. They are actually a cosmetics company and they produce clothing and are into modeling as well as producing vodka. If you visit, you’ll see their quality line of skin care products and anti aging creams. They also sponsor various rally races and car events. I guess they figured that high end Vodka fits into that rather eclectic mix of high end products and services.

At $30.00 to $40.00 per 750 ml bottle, they certainly fall into that super premium price category which they have relabeled Ultra-Premium. They say that what separates their vodka from their competitors is being batch distilled a total of 5 times as well as the filtration process. The water used in De La Ron Vodka is actually purified with UV (ultraviolet) rays. The Vodka is then filtered through virgin coconut husk carbon. How in the world do you tell virgin coconut husk from the variety that has had sex?

The nose is very clean yet medium bodied with a hint of grain and minerals with very little alcohol to spoil the aroma. The palate follows suit by being clean yet a bit spicy to liven things up. The finish is smooth and slightly sweet and zesty yet short. This is a very nice vodka that could sell well around $30.00 or less. This super premium category is being invaded by excellent vodkas that are appearing seemingly from every corner of the planet with many selling for less than $20.00 per bottle. However, the added cache of the De La Ron upscale brand and background add up to make this the Calvin Klein of vodka.

By George Brozowski