Let’s preface this review by saying we really, really liked Dripping Springs Vodka. It was one of the most interesting and smoothest super premium vodkas we had tasted all year. So when we received their Texas Orange flavored vodka, we had high hopes indeed and were really looking forward to trying it.

The bottle is wrapped in a green fishnet stocking type mesh and looks very Christmassy. The nose was seriously sharp and I almost cut myself on it. The citrus was over the top and highly acidic and backed by an intense oily must reminiscent of the rind. Just inhaling this aroma was enough to make my mouth pucker up. It is just as sharp on the tongue and the acid comes roaring forward with such an intensity that my mouth immediately surrendered and I involuntarily winced with pain. This is among the strongest flavored vodkas I have ever tasted if not the absolute strongest of any bunch. The smoothness of the original unflavored vodka is completely lost in the force of the orange flavor. It’s all pretty much acid in the finish. I would hazard to guess the oranges used in the making of this hooch must come from either Chernobyl, Three Mile Island or Fukushima. This stuff is definitely nuclear in nature and atom smashing, especially in the mouth.

We tried mixing it into Blood Mary’s, Harvey Wallbangers, and even in total desperation Dr. Pepper but nothing could tame the overpowering orange flavor or dilute it or lessen its acidic impact. If you like high voltage flavor then this baby is your cup of tea otherwise I’d stay with their unflavored vodka.