The theory goes that great chicken soup is good for the soul, especially when you’re not feeling well, or a bit under the weather. So, Spoonful of Comfort makes a gallon of gourmet chicken soup that you can order on-line and send across town or across the country, easily and efficiently. We tasted that chicken soup to see if it was better than anything you could buy at your local grocery store, and we are happy to report that it passed our gourmet taste test.

We looked at it for two criteria: taste and presentation.

The presentation was attractive, yet not overdone, so you didn’t get the feeling you were paying for packaging. The soup was visible through a glass gallon size jar with a screw-cap, and was packaged efficiently with cold packs, and accompanied by a side order of rolls and dessert cookies.

The soup itself was a rich, luscious chicken broth with big thick white chicken chunks in it, flanked throughout with wide flat noodles and speckled with fresh cooked carrot chunks. The fresh taste made it a hit with the entire tasting panel, and received a big “thumbs up” from the fbworld tasting panel.

By Ellen Walsh