Besides their traditional creamy and crunchy, Sunland offers a wide variety of flavor infused peanut butters. We had our tasters run through a number of them. He’s what they thought of each.


Caramel Natural Spread

Caramel Natural Spread is absolutely heaven paired with raisin toast. The flavor is very authentic and rich, making this more of a desert peanut butter. The consistency of this creamy, and truly smooth for something like caramel, which is typically gooey.


Raspberry Natural Spread

No need for the raspberry jam anymore. This infusion from Sunland provides all the flavor necessary . It’s nice and creamy in texture and holds the fruit and peanut flavors in perfect harmony. The raspberry flavor might be a bit sweet for some, but everyone on our panel enjoyed it very much.

8 /10

Dark Chocolate Natural

Dark Chocolate Natural Spread was rich and wonderful. It was a great partner for Banana’s. The panel liked it because its texture was not as creamy as Nutella and it had a more authentic chocolate taste.

8.5/ 10 

Banana Natural Spread

The Banana Natural Spread was what peaked our curiosity about Sunland, but, in the end, it was not one of the best flavor. This particular spread was dryer than most of the other varieties and its flavor tasted more like banana chips than actual bananas. The quality of the peanut butter was still very good. The flavoring just wasn’t as spot on as the others.

6 /10

Vanilla Cranberry Organic

This is not a convention combination, but Vanilla & Cranberry worked surprisingly well together. For people who are looking for a mild taste adventure, this might just be in your wheal-house. Our panel thought it worked best with raisin bread because of the convergence of sweet flavors.

8.5 / 10

Dark Chocolate Organic

This is an amazing product that is smooth like melted chocolate but has all the health benefits of Valencia organic peanut butter. It was the first jar to be finished off by the staff. The creamy, authentic chocolate taste was perfect for our late afternoon sweet cravings. One taste and you’ll probably be hooked like we all were.

9.5 / 10


Tai Ginger Organic

On it’s own, this flavor is a mild adventure, to say the least. The Asian spices give the peanut butter an awkward kick because they flavors aren’t in equal proportions. Combined with the right ingredients, we think it could be fabulous for cooking, but none of our tasters would recommend it for your next peanut butter sandwich.



Onion and Parsley Organic

This was another of the most unorthodox flavors from Sunland. Again, like the Tai Ginger, the convergence of bright onion and parsley flavors with roasted peanut flavors weren’t quite in balance. For those with more adventurous taste buds, there could be something to like here, but for our panel, they preferred the other flavors.

4.5 / 10