Sunland peanut butter is not your average, run-of-the-mill peanut butter. It’s made exclusively with the highest quality Valencia peanuts, grown in Texas and New Mexico, and available in a wide range of flavors, from traditional creamy and crunchy, to the not so traditional raspberry and vanilla-cranberry. We were told that Sunland peanut butter was some of the best stuff out there, so we decided to put that claim to the test.


To see just how Sunland peanut butter compared with the usual brands, we put them head-to-head in our taste test. We used the national brands like Jiff, Skippy, and Adams as benchmarks. Our panel tasted each benchmark peanut butter and scored it out of ten, based on texture and overall taste. The tasters were given a spoon of each brand’s peanut butter as well as a dollop on a Ritz cracker. Each taster scored the samples without input from other tasters. Afterwords, we compiled the scores and averaged them out, rounding to the nearest half-point. The results were very clear.



Score / 10

Simply Jiff


Jiff Creamy


Skippy Creamy


Skippy Super Chunk


Adams Peanut Butter “Organic”


Adams Peanut Butter “100 Natural”



Next, we tested the Sunland peanut butter varietals on our panel and repeated the scoring process. 

Valencia Creamy

Going head to head with our benchmark peanut butters, the Valencia Creamy from Sunland is head and shoulders better than the pack. Its superior taste, a very nice balance of creamy and nutty flavors, had no real competition from the national brands.

9 / 10

Valencia Natural Crunchy

When compared with the other crunchy peanut butters, the Valencia Crunchy is far superior. There is a great balance between sweet and savory. The chunks of peanut butter are plentiful and very tasty without impeding spreading. Valencia Natural Crunchy like Valencia Creamy is the gold standard in its category.

9.5 / 10

Valencia Creamy Organic

This has to be the gold standard in both taste and pure nutritional value. It’s delightfully creamy as the oil does not over power the rich flavors of the Valencia peanut, which are rich and more robust than in the natural spread.

9 /10

Valencia Crunchy Organic

The entire panel agreed, this crunchy peanut butter is the best crunchy peanut better they have ever tasted. Bold roasted peanut flavors are coupled perfectly with just the right amount of sweetness, and the texture was quite creamy, without skimping on the crunchy peanut bits. We were also blown away by its how well it spread compared to the other chunky peanut butters.

10/ 10