I stopped by the grocery store for lunch today and was struck by the vast amount of energy drinks on the shelf. It clearly says something about our lifestyle in America when there’s such a market for drinks designed to perk us up and get us through the day. The breakneck speed that many of us try to maintain has to take its toll, and I couldn’t help but wonder if all the sugar, caffeine, and fancy herbal ingredients found in energy drinks were really a good way to combat fatigue and increase concentration.

When I arrived back at the office, I remembered we’d received some samples of Slow Cow, a radical alternative to all the energy drinks out there. Slow Cow is designed to increase people’s mental faculties without the over stimulation of an energy drink. Essentially, the unique blend of ingredients is designed to relax and de-stress people so they can work more effectively. The makers suggest taking it for difficulty sleeping, to concentrate on an exam, after intense exercise, or to help combat nervousness and stress. As a test, I drank a can just before I started writing this article. I will honestly say that I do feel more relaxed than before, but I can’t say I’m experiencing a spike in my ability to concentrate. (It’s taken me half an hour to write up to this point.)

As far as the taste, I thought it perfectly adequate, fairly fruity but slightly watered down. I had our wine editor try some, and he offered a much more through explanation than I did stating, “The nose is predominately sour apple, with hints of pear, citrus, and a few floral notes. It has a nice, light carbonation, with slightly muted apple flavors. The finish is a bit minerally, though, with a somewhat chemical aftertaste, which lingers well after each sip.”

In other words, Slow Cow will relax you, but we think there is room for improvement in terms of taste. Still, for people that could use a small bit of relaxation in the middle of a hectic day, or for people who are sick of all the energy drinks, Slow Cow is worth a try. Who knows? Maybe it will help you find a small amount of serenity in the craziness of life.


John Bragg – FBWorld Taster