This stuff really does add some kick to your food. It’s a simple blend of spices that goes well with almost anything you would like to add Cajan flavor to. We love Cajan flavor here at Food & Beverage, so Slap Ya Mama line of spices has become a staple item in our test kitchen, and it should become one in yours soon.

It’s important to set the scene that took place when our chef introduced the groups of tasters to SLAP YA MAMA. Always looking to make our endeavors more fun, there was plenty of joking and slapping going on among our tasters (not too hard, of course). However, Ellen, our Chief Editor was sitting next to me, so I choose, prudently, not to slap her, in fear of my life.

The name of “SLAP YA MAMA” came about when the creator of the seasoning jokingly said, “When you use this seasoning, the food tastes so good that it will make you want to go home and slap ya mama because she could never make something taste that great.”


Taste Test Review:

Last week, we got some of the staff together to taste the Slap Ya Mama 3 Blend Pack, Slap Ya Mama” Cajun Pepper Sauce and the SLAP YA MAMA” Seafood Boil. To do this, we had a wide verity of meals that we thought would work well with these spices.

Slap Ya Mama Blend Pack

Original Blend: Salt, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Garlic. No MSG

Hot Blend: Salt, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Garlic. No MSG

White Pepper Blend: Salt, Red Pepper, White Pepper, Garlic. No MSG

Of the three, we really liked the Hot Blend the best. Our staff members mixed it with homemade macaroni and cheese with fresh crab, and boy was it good. We did enjoy the other two blends, but the original was a bit too salty and the white pepper did not have as much kick as we would have liked, though it add some very nice flavor to fresh turkey sandwiches without adding calories or fat.


“Slap Ya Mama” Cajun Pepper Sauce

Slap Ya Mama” Cajun Pepper Sauce is the creation of the Walker brothers, Jack and Joe, who wanted to give customers, in there convenience store, a little more Louisiana flare. Bursting with Cajun heat and flavor, “Slap Ya Mama” Cajun Pepper Sauce is perfect for all of your favorite dishes and will make your taste buds come alive with that Cajun zest. One thing we would have like was more kick; it was a bit too mild, but did go will with everything from eggs to burgers during our testing. It did work very well on chicken wings accompanied by a cold beer. When compared to Cholula Hot Sause, Franks Red Hot and Tabasco, “Slap Ya Mama” Cajun Pepper Sauce was the favorite of all but one of our tasters. Franks Red Hot was the closest in flavor, so it was the most legitimate comparison. The other two were different enough that it’s really a matter of what style of hot sauce you enjoy.



SLAP YA MAMA Seafood Boil

We tested the Seafood Boil with fresh Tilapia from Oliver’s Markets here in Northern California. This spices were easy to apply: simply wet the fish, dip it in the batter, and then place the coated fish in a pan with oil and cook for a few minutes.

The Seafood Boil had lots of great flavors like Pepper, Garlic Granules, Paprika, Black Pepper, Crab Spice, and Oleoresin of Paprika, which really made the fresh Tilapia come to life. The seasoning makes a nice crispy shell around the fish that everyone really loved. We served the Tilapia with home made pasta and aribiata sauce.

Overall, people who enjoy Cajan flavored food should apply SLAP YA MAMA frequently. The Seafood Boil can liven up bland fish. The hot sauce is great for chicken wings, and the spice blends can give a meal a little more pizzazz. Add them to anything you think could you more kick. Just don’t let the slapping get out of hand.

By Matthew Cloutier