Allow me to preamble this review by saying that Three Olives Vodka, with no flavoring, is an outstanding, super smooooooth, super premium vodka that is perfect all by itself and makes a wonderful martini.  Some of the Three Olives flavored vodkas are even interesting as standalone curiosities.  I still fail to understand why anyone in their right mind would take and expensive vodka and add a dozen or two ingredients (that mask all its wonderful traits) to make an exotic cocktail when a vodka costing half the price of this one will suffice to make a Bloody Mary or a Harvey Wallbanger or some insipid drink with an umbrella in it.

Well, my opinion notwithstanding, Three Olives has now created at least 15 flavored vodkas using their super premium standalone brand and their newest entry is (are you ready for this?) “RANGTANG”.  The name really says it all.  It seems to be a combination of rancid or orangutan or the past tense of RUN or RING and of course TANG.  As anyone who is old enough to remember the early space flights will recall, there was an orange flavored powder call TANG that you could mix with water that purportedly produced so called orange juice.  It was the drink of the astronauts and no doubt ad revenue probably paid NASA enough money to send many a man into space.  That TANG and this RANGTANG have much in common.  They are both horrible!  Although the smoothness of this vodka is maintained the flavor has been defiled to the point that it makes you wonder what in the hell were these people thinking?

I would certainly take the distillers recommendations and mix this poontang with as many ingredients as possible to disguise the flavor.  The smoothness will still be there and you will be spared the “taste”.  I am certain that this flavored vodka is targeted to those drinkers who have just reached the ripe old age of 21 and need a transitory taste experience that will eventually allow their immature taste buds to mature and develop an appreciation for real VODKA.

If you really want to enjoy Three Olives Vodka with this flavor profile buy a bottle of the UNflavored vodka, pour yourself a glass and either rim the glass with an orange peel or dunk a slice of real orange in it, NA ZDROVIE!


George Brozowski

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