Turmeric is an ingredient found in many Indian, Persian, Thai and Malay dishes, but Turmeric is severely lacking in the North American diet. The combination created by DR. Raja are appealing, but could be shocking for those not familiar with the taste of Turmeric. Personally, I really liked Nutmeric, but growing up in Canada and being very accustom to eating South Asian foods, I appreciated the interception between east and west that DR. Raja was trying to create.

Taste and Bioavailability Perfected Mixed NUTMERIC Provides 500mg of bioavailable turmeric per serving. If you decide to purchase NUTMERIC® this should be your introduction to the line. It blends the spices with peanuts and almond butter as well as honey, making the flavors more familiar to an American palate. Quite creamy and smooth without too much kick, it is a great starting point.

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