Meat and potatoes in a bottle – for some primitive male reason, that actually makes a great deal of sense to me. What I’m talking about is Bakon Vodka, a bacon infused premium potato vodka distilled by Black Rock Spirits in Seattle Washington.

I really believe that the food pyramid should be modified into a quadrilateral where bacon becomes one of the primary food groups. Having tried bacon ice cream and bacon doughnuts, both of which were outrageously yummy, I began to realize that bacon is great with everything. Bacon wrapped filet mignon, bacon crumpled on salad, bacon gum, the list is never ending, and now, we have Bakon Vodka.

Having recently tasted some flavor infused vodkas made by other distillers that ranged from disgusting to nasty, I approached this bottle with great trepidation. This could either be really horrible or really wonderful. Off came the cap and to my nose’s surprise, there was the pleasant aroma of bacon. I mean real bacon, not some chemically created concoction that attempted to simulate bacon but real bacon. Being Polish, in every sense of the word, I poured a shot, shouted “Na Zdrowie” to no one in particular and tossed it into my mouth meaning to immediately swallow it, as tradition demanded, when I stopped, swirled it around, and was amazed at the mouthfeel. It was warm and had more substance than just vodka alone, and it actually tasted like the bacon I had last Sunday morning! It also reminded me of smoked pork. Swallowing it clinched the deal. It was among the smoothest vodkas I have ever had with absolutely no bite. A second helping confirmed my initial reactions.

I made a martini (shaken not stirred), which subdued the flavor a bit and decided that it was definitely tied for first place with a sour apple vodka martini and a dirty martini. I really hate mixing a premium vodka into a Bloody Mary when a less expensive vodka will do just as well since the 27 other ingredients will hide the faults of most liquor. However, the bacon flavor actually stood up quite nicely to the assault of the Worcestershire sauce and horseradish and complimented them better than any other vodka. It gave the drink a hint of smokiness and of course a subtle bacon flavor that really, really worked well.

I am looking forward to sipping a Bakon Vodka martini with a nice steak or baby back ribs or a pulled pork sandwich or a plate of aromatic cheeses or Godiva chocolates or just about anything else I can put in my mouth. Just as bacon goes with everything, this Bakon Vodka will go well with virtually anything.