I have to say this upfront, I like Irish Cream. There are dozens of brands and one brand even comes in with 30 flavors of Irish Cream. I would rather have a good Irish Cream over a slice of chocolate cake any day. And if you really want to flavor that morning coffee of yours, the right way, a little Irish Cream will go a long way to starting your day with a very flavorful bang.

In the early 2010’s the Irish Dairy Board hatched a plan to develop and promote a cream liquor using their products since the then recent lifting of milk export quotas in Ireland gave the company strong incentive to expand the International market for its dairy products. Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur was created by Kerrygold in Ireland, under Ornua (previously known as the Irish Dairy Board) and launched in September 2014.

Kerrygold Irish Cream comes in a very dark bottle, which is so dark I can’t tell if it’s dark brown or dark green, but you definitely can’t see through it. The label is green and gold and very Irish in design. The contents are a partial secret undoubtedly protected by an enraged Irish Leprechaun. The alcohol, chocolate and cream come from grass-fed cows and together with Irish whiskey from various distillers are homogenized to form an emulsion that prevents separation of the alcohol and cream during storage. The other ingredients include herbs and sugar and caramel along with additional secret ingredients.

So let’s give this Irish Cream a taste and see what all the commotion is about. This Irish cream looks just like chocolate milk and the nose is rich with chocolate with hints of Irish whiskey backing that up. The palate does not disappoint with the rich chocolate taste coming through front and center backed by the whiskey, but here it becomes entirely luscious and intriguing and starts to taste just like a chocolate covered cherry cordial. That sweetness backs up everything, and I can almost imagine just having bitten into that cordial, YUMMMY!! The finish is of course smooth, sweet and chocolaty and lasts a medium amount of time. Kerrygold got this completely correct; it’s a wonderful tasting Irish Cream that combines all the flavors in just the right proportions and in the right order.

Thank God it’s low in alcohol because once I start to drink this spirit, I almost can’t stop. It’s just like opening a bag of chips and trying to eat just one. It can’t be done; at least, I can’t do it. I recommend you go get yourself a bottle of Kerrygold Irish Cream because there won’t be any of mine to share shortly.

It may only be 17% ABV but it packs a powerful punch of flavor and besides you can find it for around $16.99 to $24.99 per 750ML bottle.


By George Brozowski