Ahhh Polish Vodka, it holds a place near and dear to my heart since, after all, I am Polish.  However not all the different Polish brands hold a place near and dear to my taste buds.  I have taste driven Belvedere Vodka before and found it quite nice.  I just wonder if they have remained consistent or improved over the years? 

Well at the very least it does seem that they have been very busy over the years as they have launched 10 new Vodka flavors.  Among that group of the usual fruit flavors I find three quite intriguing; Belvedere Intense, Belvedere Unfiltered and Belvedere 9.  My goodness, what have they done to good old Vodka?

Let’s take this bottle for a taste drive and see what they’ve been up to lately.  Their Vodka is quadruple distilled from Dankowskie Gold Rye and diluted to appropriate proof with water from Belvedere’s own artesian well.

The nose is very clean with a hint of vanilla and no unpleasant alcohol fumes.  On the palate it is creamy and medium bodied with a nuance of vanilla and a light touch of spice.  The finish is smooth and clean leaving just a slight tingle of pepper and is medium in length.  I believe this is about as close as one can get to the definition of Vodka as being without any taste, color or aroma yet the few tastes and aromas that are present are delightful and minimal.

This Vodka is priced at that super premium price point of around $30.00 per 750 ml bottle.  It makes a great martini and is super when ice cold and in shots.  I believe I would use something a bit less pricey for those mixed drinks but if you want to experience real and true Vodka, Belvedere is it.(Check out these St. Patty’s Day cocktials with Belvedere.)





By George Brozowski



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