When these bottles arrived, I couldn’t believe that the vodkas were flavored chocolate cake and whipped cream. After a little research, I discovered that these guys actually make 16 different flavors of vodka and these were a pair of the more tamed down flavors. Putting aside my prejudices and presumptions, I went ahead with the taste test and was quite surprised to say the least.

The chocolate cake really smells like dark chocolate and very much resembles its namesake chocolate cake but with a hint of alcohol in the background. On the palate, it is rich and creamy and thick and definitely chocolaty and sweet but not overly sweet. It is smooth and lingers in the finish and this could be attributed to the multiple distillations and the 30% alcohol by volume, which is a bit lower than normal vodka.

What in the hell does whipped cream really smell like? The whipped cream vodka has a slightly spicy, nutmeggy kind of aroma that is thick and sweet with a bit of background alcohol in the mix. The palate follows suit with a very nice thick oily body, a very subtle sweetness and almost no alcohol taste. The finish continues down the same path and is long, sweet and mild.

I’m very surprised that I found myself liking these flavored vodkas as I tend to be a purist (certainly not a Puritan). They weren’t over the top, and they actually had great flavor as opposed to some flavored spirits I have recently been exposed to. But of course being crazy, not stupid, I decided to mix the two together to ice my chocolate cake with whipped cream. This playful insanity actually created not only palatable results but enjoyable results. The two complimented each other, their sweetness, similarities and differences mixing together just like cake and icing to produce a dessert like drink that in extreme cases could substitute for the real thing.

There seems to be a trend toward lighter proof spirits and that very well might be a good thing producing fewer calories and fewer raging drunks. I’m not sure where all these weird flavored vodkas are going but they must be going somewhere since so many companies are producing them.

If you’re into flavored vodkas, these are quite nice and their price makes them even nicer at $11.00 to $13.00 per 750 ml bottles.


By George Brozowski

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