Nutmeric Ultra is the boldest of the spreads. People that tend to stick with mild dips will likely prefer hummus, ranch, or guacamole for their chips and vegetables. Also, people that enjoy the smooth, creamy elements of other almond butters may find Nutmeric a bit rough. But, if your taste buds are up to it, Nutmeric Ultra is very good stuff, and if you are looking for something different in a spread, one with a little pizazz, this is it.


Power packed with the entire spectrum of curcuminoids and turmeric compounds, solubilized in the almond medium and amplified with black pepper. NUTMERIC ULTRA provides 350mg of Curcumin (turmeric Extract) and 350mg of turmeric per serving. This is the grand daddy of the spreads. The flavor profile isn’t something common in most westerner’s diets, so not everyone who tried it liked it, but if you are accustom to Indian, Persian, Thai and Malay food, you will really appreciate the abundance of flavors in the spread. The smoothness of the almond butter is balanced by the kick of all the spices for a truly one-of-kind combination.

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