Every March 17th, half the world turns Irish for the evening, and then, the next day when hangovers are in full swing, half the world is reminded they are not, in fact, Irish. For those of us who still wish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day and aren’t blessed with Irish drinking genes, Rockstar’s Recovery drink can help us function the following morning. It’s formulated to provide energy and extra hydration, so the body can work towards normalcy. In anticipation of this Wednesday, a few of our staff members put the drink to the test over the weekend.

Fully committed to the experiment, three of us consumed eight bottles of wine together. The next morning, none of us felt good. (You’re shocked; I’m sure.) Headache, drowsiness, lack of appetite, and a bit of nausea were symptoms we all shared. Shortly after prying ourselves out of bed, each of us consumed a Rockstar Recovery. They were slightly syrupy, but still fairly light and refreshing with a cooling lemon flavor, which made them easy to drink, even in our humbled states.

The Results

Maybe it was a mental thing, but each of us felt slightly more like ourselves immediately after drinking a can. Within an hour, our headaches weren’t quite so sharp, and we were showing some evidence of being able to function like a human. Breakfast was even eaten without any digestive issues. While the improvement was noticeable, these recovery drinks are not a magical cure. We were all fairly low energy for most of the day, and no one felt completely rejuvenated. However, given the degree of overindulgence, it could have been a far more painful Sunday. The Rockstar Recoverys made our misery far more bearable.

The Final Verdict

All three of us would recommend trying Rockstar Recovery. You can’t expect to feel 100% better, but your level of suffering will be reduced. Drinking one (or maybe even two) the next morning can make you feel a bit more alive and could be vital in making it through a day of work. Drinking a can before bed might help you sleep better and could reduce some of the early morning agony. We didn’t test this theory, though, because we thought about it after the fact. Even if the time frame doesn’t make a great deal of difference, we’d still recommend anyone who isn’t actually Irish get a few cans for Wednesday and, more importantly, Thursday morning.