About Our Industry Services

Food & Beverage World provides a number of different services for the industry.  The connections we have made through our editorial component allow us a unique access to a variety of sectors, and we have formed several important partnerships designed to help promote and grow business.


Agricultural Goods Export

We search out producers of quality agricultural goods (from fine wine to gourmet nuts) on behalf of the California Center in   Shanghai for sale to their customers in Hong Kong and mainland China. Please contact our CEO, Arthur Walsh (artw@fbworld.com) for further information.


Wine List Consultation

As part of our editorial, our tasting panel samples hundreds of different wines each year.  Most of them come from smaller, family owned wineries that produce top-notch boutique wines.  Thus, for any restaurant looking to put together a uniquely California list with gems from throughout the state, we are happy to assist in the selection process.  We’ll work directly with the wineries or through your suppliers  to rejuvenate or create a wonderful list for your customers. Contact our Wine & Spirit Editor, Jason Barlow (jason@fbworld.com ) for more information.


Recipe E-books

We have worked with many famous chefs over the years and a number of them have contributed to our exclusive collections of  recipes. These collections are available as ebooks which sell across several different platforms.  If you would like to see your recipes included in a future collection or would like assistance putting together an ebook of your own, please contact our Food Editor, Ellen Walsh (ewalsh@fbworld.com) to discuss all the options. 



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