Believe it or not we love Las Vegas and always enjoy our short trips to what used to be known as Sin City. We do appreciate the Celebrity Chef restaurants but try to seek out more reasonable and fun places to eat and drink which is much easier now that the metro area has grown to over 2 million people.

If you are looking for a great lunch just off the strip near the Hard Rock Hotel try the Big Chicken Shaq which is owned by NBA legend Shaquille O’Neil. They serve one of the tastiest Crispy Chicken sandwiches we have ever eaten.

Big Chicken Shaq Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Craving Jewish Deli you can choose from East Coast or West Coast. You can happily dine at either New York’s Carnegie Deli where Chopped Liver and Matzo Ball Soup are fantastic or Los Angeles’s Canter’s Deli where you will love the Corned Beef and Pastrami.

Going out for Dinner is always enjoyable. Koi in Planet Hollywood is a worthy stylish Japanese restaurant where we loved the fresh Sushi and of course the Saki. We also enjoyed the Roasted Shishito Peppers, Sin City Roll and American Wagyu Beef Carpaccio.

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas

If you are out with a group a fun dinner and show can be found at the authentic German Beer Hall HaufBrauhaus Las Vegas. We loved the huge Steins of German beer, Oompa Music, the duck dinner and Sauerbraten. Ask for the Jägermeister and enjoy a spanking good time!

You might need a Drink at some point while in Las Vegas. The Best Margarita is made by Bar Manager Cesar Ramirez at Hecho en Vegas at the MGM where they have an over the top selection of Tequilas. The Atomic Lounge and Liquors which is Las Vegas’s oldest freestanding bar has a great beer selection. Try the Dead Man’s Hand or the Secret Cove Cerveza. The Atomic is best known for the panoramic Roof Top view where many watched the Atomic Bomb blasts back in 1952.

Atomic Liquors


We are big fans of Tiki Bars as we love Flaming Rum drinks. We loved Frankie’s Tiki Room and The Golden Tiki as they both served excellent cocktails and had unique decor. Try the Tiki Bandit or the Lava Letch. At Rick’s BBQ and Tavern owned by Pawn Star Rick Harrison you’ll find excellent cocktails and don’t be surprised if you see him as he bartends most Saturday nights. Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace has great cocktails too. You will be pleased with the Meet your Maker or Fear and Loathing Signature Cocktails. Their “Go to Hell” T Shirt was going to be one of our Souvenirs but when we asked how much and they said $35 we told them to go to Hell!!

Love or Hate Las Vegas you will surely find some fun places to eat and drink.





Joe & Carol Davis


Dining Detectives