The air is crisp and days are shorter. Soon enough, the trees will be shedding their leaves letting us know that fall is upon us. Here are three cocktail recipes that will surely help you kick off the season. Enjoy!

Bohemia Spiced Cookies



½  oz lime juice

1 oz Creme Yvette 

.5 oz Allspice liqour

1.5 oz Bohemia



Shake all ingredients except the Bohemia and strain in rockglass over ice coupe glass. Top with Bohemia beer and grate nutmeg on top.


Herradura Espresso



1 ½ oz Herradura Añejo

½ oz coffee liqueur

1 ½ oz espresso

½ oz simple syrup

1 ½ oz heavy cream



Place all ingredients excluding the heavy cream in to a cocktail shaker filled with cubed ice. Shake hard and strain over ice in to a chilled coupe glass. In a separate shaker place the heavy cream and cubed ice, shake hard to aerate then pour carefully over a bar spoon to layer the cream over the coffee. Garnish with 3 coffee beans


Indio Canela

image005 (2)


1 oz Tequila Anejo

½ oz lemon juice

½ oz cinnamon syrup

Indio beer

2 slices of fresh ginger



Place ginger slices lemon juice, cinnamon syrup and añejo tequila into a cocktail shaker and fill with cubed ice.

Add Indio beer and stir to combine, garnish with lemon discs or shaved ginger.