Chef Brandon Miller of Mundaka in Carmel, CA,is renown for making authentic and delicious Paella that brings patrons from far and wide to savor his culinary skill creating the traditional Spanish favorite. Enjoy!


MUNDAKA PAELLA by Executive Chef Brandon Miller (Serves 6)

Chef Miller Making Paella

Chef Miller making Paella


Olive Oil

½ cup Spanish Chorizo Sliced

2 each Large yellow onion finely diced

1 each Bay leaf

¼ cup Garlic Minced

½ cup Tomato Puree

1 pinch Smoked chili flakes

1 pinch Smoked chili powder



1 cup Paella Rice

12 each Lamb Meatballs

2 lbs Assorted seasonal seafood

18 oz Shellfish stock

½ cup English peas

Extra Virgin olive oil

Salt & Pepper


In a 14” paella pan heat olive oil adding Chorizo, onions, bay leaf. Cook for a few minutes and add garlic and saffron. Cook until garlic begins to brown and add tomato paste, roasting it to remove any raw tomato flavor. Add tomato puree, chili flakes and smoked powder. Stir in rice and roast for a moment then add stock. Simmer over medium heat. Season seafood with salt and pepper and add according to how long each takes to cook. Total cooking time should be about 30 minutes. Add English peas with five minutes cooking time left. Finish with extra virgin olive oil and serve. (Shellfish stock is a combination shellfish shells, saffron, garlic, tomato, sherry, fish stock and herbs).