With BBQ season upon us, spice up your grilling with the Just Spices BBQ Seasoning, perfect for marinating meat and grilled vegetables, or even as an additive to your favorite barbecue sauce. Enjoy!

BBQ Burger with Guacamole

Ingredients for 2 Burgers:

·         2 Burger rolls (e.g., rye bread rolls)

·         300g ground beef

·         Just Spices BBQ Seasoning

·         1 tomato

·         Rocket salad

·         Guacamole

·         Nachos

·         2 slices of cheddar



1.       Season the ground beef with the BBQ seasoning. Form 2 patties with the help of a cookie cutter or a glass.

2.       Now cut the tomatoes into thin slices. Wash the rocket and let it drip off.

3.       Heat a skillet with oil. Grill the meat patties from both sides at high heat. Place 2 cheddar slices on each burger patty.

4.       Cut the buns in half. Spread the lower half with guacamole. Layer the tomato slices, then a meat patty, a few nachos and finally some rocket. Put he other roll half on it.