The aromas of mouthwatering home-baked items have an enchanting effect, bringing everyone to the kitchen and table to enjoy the flavor.  The annual tradition of Irish Soda Bread is especially inviting –  blending the festivity of this Irish classic with the ease of stirring together a few simple ingredients for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.        

PBS chef and author Christy Rost’s recipe for Irish Soda Bread, featured now on Christy Rost Cooks:  Celebrating Life & Home, has plenty of buttery goodness, sweet, chewy raisins, and a generous sprinkling of sparkling sugar atop its crusty exterior.  In her how-to culinary video on this classic quick bread, Christy shares the history of this Irish country staple, and the tradition of blessing the house and all within by cutting a cross into the top of the loaf prior to baking.