We certainly love dining in Las Vegas and find it exciting when Celebrity Chefs open signature restaurants. It feels like every great Chef just has to be in Vegas! We were pleased to see that Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, who we had met a few years earlier at the Flavor Napa Valley tasting event at the C.I.A, had just opened his newest restaurant in the MGM Grand. On this evening when we arrived we chatted with our waiter, ordered Sapporo Beer and Saki and asked for recommendations. It is always a fun option to dine at the Sushi Bar in a Japanese restaurant, as we love the show that the Sushi Chefs provide as they prepare their delicacies. We were told that whenever Chef Morimoto ventures to other Japanese restaurants, he always tries their Saba Mackerel as a “test” to see if it is worth dining there. We took note and did the same and found it to be amazing! We also had the Uni Sea Urchin and Maguro Tuna and found both to be truly superior in taste and freshness.

Morimoto Sushi

The Grand Opening Party a few nights later was quite an affair, including a nattily dressed MGM Lion and Dragon Dancers in the lobby of the MGM Grand. Celebrities and Press happily dined on Morimoto’s cuisine following the Opening ceremonies. All were there to bring luck and best wishes to the Iron Chef! We must return soon to try his signature dish…The Angry Chicken.



Carol & Joe Davis