Did you ever wonder who in the hell those 4 out of 5 scientists are who one week inform you that coffee will kill you and then that very following week tell you that coffee is good for you? Or perhaps you’ve pondered the problem of whether or not those 9 out of 10 dentists are insane when one month they tell you soda pop will make your teeth fall out of your mouth, and then they come back the following month and tell you that soda pop helps build strong teeth. And last but certainly not least are all those doctors whose weekly proclamations on alcohol bounce back and forth from it being beneficial for you, if it doesn’t expel your liver out of your body and kill you.

So who you gonna believe? If you’re like me, you will ignore those so called experts who disagree with your own opinion and embrace those whose opinions mirror yours. Or you can do like WG Brewing is doing and adopt their “damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead” attitude. Not too long ago, they came out with their Wild Ginger and Wild Root alcoholic soda, which places them squarely in the alcohol and soda pop are good for you camp (or as the category is better known; hard soda or soda beer) and I liked both of them and you can read all about it here. Now, they’ve doubled down with two more products along those same lines: Wild Docta, an alcoholic rock and rye soda and Wild Sit Russ, an alcoholic lemon lime soda. On top of that, I bet their experts can whup any other experts out there who disagree with them.

Wild Docta and Sit Russ

Wild Docta comes in a burgundy can with, of course, a wild eyed nurse on the front and back. There’s no mistaking the contents for anything but an adult drink. This just ain’t your grandpa’s soda pop. Besides, it’s 5% ABV. The nose reminds me of a soda I once drank as a kid with its aromas of cream soda, Dr. Pepper, and cherry cola. On the palate, this stuff is pure pop, with little or no alcohol tinge and reinforces the cherry cola and cream soda and vanilla flavors. The finish is smooth and sweet and really does remind me of cherry cola. This is a very good hard soda that makes for a good stand alone drink or as mixer with a shot of your favorite spirit.

Next up is Wild Sit Russ. It comes in a 12oz can that is a bright lime green and features a vicious dog snarling and bearing his canines all the while attached to a gigantic chain by a spiked dog collar. The dog appears to be squeezing the life out of a lime caught between its teeth and even the lime is snarling. At the top of the can is the prophetic phrase “putting the bite in soda”. Pouring this soda out of the can I was pleasantly surprised to find that is a striking bright and fluorescent green. I swear, it almost looks radioactive. Well, I suppose looks can be deceiving, as it doesn’t have much of a nose. I picked up the slightest trace of citrus and lime, with absolutely no alcohol. The flavors continue on the mild side on the palate. I get a touch of lime and citrus and sweetness but the flavors are muddled together and not as sharp and distinct as I thought they might have been. The finish is sweet and smooth, leaving a clear palate. I think the first three of these sodas I tasted had way more flavor than this last one; however, it does make for an interesting afternoon sipper on the rocks and really perks right up with a shot of vodka, hee hee.

Wild Docta weighs in at 5% ABV and Wild Sit Russ weighs in at 4.5% ABV and they come in 12 ounce cans and both cost around $9.99 per 6 pack.


By George Brozowski