During my trip to Thailand I found the most popular drink at the 2014 Thailand Happiness Expo in Bangkok was the spirit of Thailand created by Mekhong. The THAI SABAI cocktail was being served by makers of Mekhong company, and enjoyed by guests from around the world, who were attending the prestigious international event. Mekhong, a whiskey that tastes more like rum, was created in 1941 to compete with popular whiskey products from the West that were available in Thailand, and is considered the official spirit of Thailand. Below please find the recipe for Thai Sabai to create your own Thai spirit experience. Cheers!
45 ml. Mekhong
25 ml squeezed lime
30 ml. Sugar syrup (1 water – 1 sugar)
4-5 sweet basil leaves
Splash Soda
Tear basil leaves and put in blender
Blend or shake all ingredients except soda
Double strain and pour in glass on ice and soda
Garnish with basil & lime
By Bonnie Carroll