The Colorado mountains are getting their first dusting of snow, a sure sign that fall has arrived. To usher in the change of seasons, New Belgium Brewing is revealing its fall lineup. Tart and spicy Pumpkick Ale makes a seasonal return and the popular dry hopped sour, Le Terroir, rejoins the Lips of Faith series.


Le Terroir

Dry Hopped Sour Ale

2015 Lips of Faith Series

Great citrus hop nose thanks to the dry hopping process combined with some earthy funkiness notes blended in.
Not as much of the overwhelming tartness bite one can expect from a Sour Beer. Great sour green apple taste long with some peach and oak flavors. The citrus hops come in at the end but not adding any bitterness.
Smooth finish with notes of apple that lingers.
Grab a Pint the next time you are visiting the Brewery or you can find them in local stores by using the link below. I would like to note that this specific beer will change with every brewing cycle as New Belgium allows the environment (temperature, humidity etc.) to change every time they brew this beer.


Pumpkin Ale
Cinnamon and spice up front with a hint of tartness. Not a ton of pumpkin smell
Spice bite at first with focus on cinnamon and nutmeg that transitions to tart cranberry. There is enough sweetness to balance out the tartness at the start.
Rather syrupy tart finish that lingers
Try a Taster at first. This is not your traditional Pumpkin ale as the name implies.
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by Matthew Phillips
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