Clyde May's Special Reserve

Well, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Who knew, outside of Alabama, that there is an Alabama style whiskey? And just what might Alabama style be like? Well, according to the guy who invented it, Clyde May, it involves oven dried apples that are added to the barrels during ageing. Really, apples?

Well, I suppose if anyone could pull off that special Alabama style it would have likely been Clyde May. It turns out that old Clyde was a moonshiner all his life, hell he even spent some time as guest of the state in their not so glamorous prison system. Over those many decades, honing his skills, using hand built stills hidden along Alabama’s Conecuh Ridge, he experimented with variations of his recipes until he came upon that apple thing. Clyde Mays Alabama Style Whiskey is a curated blend of aged barrels that have been mellowed, non-cold filtered and finished in the Alabama style and bottled at 110 proof.

Well, I have to admit that this sure has piqued my interest so without further ado let’s take this spirit for a taste drive. The color is that of brewed tea and not only do I get a hint of apple in the nose but I also sense a bit of pear and some smoke and sweet whiskey and oak but very little ethanol followed by a hint of spice. Oh my, that is some sweet sipping whiskey, on the palate I again get that hint of sweet apples and pears and then smokey oaky depth followed by the taste of fine whiskey and just a touch of spice and heat. The finish is just as nice and sweet and fruity and slightly smoky and leaves a warmth in the back of the throat accompanied by a touch of spice and heat. This is a wonderful whiskey that is very complex and deep in structure that delivers a wide range of flavors and uniquely delivers that fruity sweet flavor that is not too sweet and well balanced. I do believe I really like this Alabama style whiskey. It is as complex and deep as some fine scotch or cognac and yet at around 110 proof it is smooth yet spicy and delivers just the right amount of heat. Y’all should go get you some of this stuff because I guarantee it will liven up your holidays.

Clyde Mays Alabama Style Whiskey is 110 proof and can be purchased for around $70.00 per 750ML bottle.

By George Brozowski