Savor Idaho

We always have fun and enjoy our experience at Wine and Food Events and were pleased to attend the Sixth Annual Savor Idaho at the Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise. The event featured a few local Restaurants and Caterers, dozens of Idaho Wineries, as well as representatives from Sponsors and Local Businesses. The event was sold out and the attendees were there to celebrate and Savor Idaho’s best food and wines.

Savor is an acronym for the basic principles of wine tasting.

S Sight (color, intensity and hue)

A Aroma (fruit, floral, spice, vegetal, etc.)

V Vitals (sweetness, acidity, body, tannin and alcohol)

O Oral (flavors, fruit, spice, vegetal, etc.) and

R Review/Rate (balance, length and quality)

Angell’s Bar & Grill’s slider.

Angell’s Bar & Grill’s slider.

As always, at these events our motto is “Sample Food First!” Some of our favorites were Angell’s Bar & Grill’s BBQ sliders, Bardenay’s Snake River Farms Kurobuta pulled pork with orange-habanero mojo sauce, and black bean spread and pickled red onion sliders and Momo’s Himalayan Dumplings.

We sought out some new White Wines, as we need to add to our normal mix of California and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc’s. We enjoyed the Cinder Dry Voignier, the Indian Creek Winery Sauvignon Blanc, the Eola-Amity Hills, Cold Springs Winery L’attraction White Blend and Syringa Winery Sauvignon Blanc. Each had some qualities that we could SAVOR. We also enjoy Reds and were pleased with the Mouvance Pinot Noir.

The Savor tents

We enjoyed Savor Idaho which gave us some insights into the local Food and Wine scene. We found some new local wines and we also learned about some new restaurants…some of which we had dined at. We look forward to seeing even more restaurants at the event next year. This is a unique opportunity for the Executive Chefs and potential diners to meet and discuss their food, style of cooking and perhaps even share some secret tips!

Savor Idaho was sold out in advance…. so be sure to get tickets as soon as they become available next year. We had a great time and will be back next year too!


By Carol & Joe Davis

Dining Detectives