Now that signs of spring are finally in the air, after a winter that felt far too long, I’m looking forward to enjoy some lovely, outdoor Sunday brunches. I make a mean omelet, and the local farmers market always has wonderful, fresh fruit, so I’ve got the first part of the meal covered. It’s course two that I have trouble working out. Buying desserts can be quite challenging, especially if you’re doing it for company. In a perfect world, we’d all be blessed with wonderful baking talents and have ample time to spend whipping up our delightful goodies. Of course, the real world is nothing like that, and when it comes to sweets, the supermarkets really don’t cut it. Packaged desserts never seem quite right. The have this slightly stale aura about them, like they’re not totally real, or at least, totally natural. Homemade baked goods look like food. More often then not, packaged sweets just don’t. Thus, my stated dilemma.

Thankful, Sweet Sally’s bakeshop may have given me a fine solution. They have an assortment of goodies that are simply perfect for a little mid-day indulgence. I recently sampled their Blueberry Buckle, Russian Tea cakes, and butter cookies. What makes these sweets stand out is their authenticity. Even those they’ll arrive at your doorstep in a neat, little package, they still look, feel, and taste like real food, not something that’s mass-produced. Rich and flavorful, without being too sweet, they’re all worth trying. Read my more detailed reviews below, and see what strikes your fancy. There website is open 24/7 if you want to enjoy these treats firsthand.

Carrie’s Classic Spritz Spring Flowers

These cookies have a wonderful simplicity to them. They’re light, buttery, and not overly sweet. A lovely highlight of almond compliments the slightly crunchy texture, which are perfect for a warm,spring day.

Mrs. B’s Russian Tea Cookies

Wonderfully balanced in flavor, with just enough sweetness and just enough butter, these light, somewhat crunchy treats are quite tasty. You may have to doll these out slowly. Once you start eating them, it can be tough to stop.

Blueberry Buckle

For a cake that comes from a tin, this buckle is surprisingly moist and soft. Rich but not too heavy, there’s a lovely, round buttery element that melds nicely with the sweet berries. It’s a fine choice for any Sunday brunch table.



By Michael Perkins