Giacomino Drago learned to cook in the kitchen of his mother in Sicily as a small boy, and came to America to join his elder brother Celestino Drago who had opened his first restaurant in Beverly Hills and was experiencing success. It was not long before Giacomino opened his own restaurant Il Pastaio. That was twenty years ago, and this venue continues to be tremendously popular with locals and tourists alike.

Il Pastaio's Eggplant appetizer

Il Pastaio’s Eggplant appetizer


Il Pastaio has been on Canon Drive for twenty years and has become a favorite of families dining together, couples having a private evening out, and tourists who have heard or read on line of the authentic and delicious plates coming out of their kitchen. Giacomino Drago, and sister Carolena Drago run a fast moving, exciting venue, where the bar is full of waiting diners, and the servers perform with swiftness and skill. From lunch until late evening Il Pastaio is jammed. I lived in Beverly Hills for fifteen years and never saw this dining room anything but full. The outdoor patio offers a comfortable spot for families with small children to enjoy a pleasant meal together, as well as enjoy while people watching.

Il Pastaio's_Mezzelune Ravioli

Il Pastaio’s Mezzelune Ravioli


The appetizers including eggplant rolls with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes with bell pepper sauce are beyond outstanding, as are the arancini,  breaded rice cones with mozzarella cheese, peas and pomodoro sauce. Their Mezzelune ravioli stuffed with shrimp and scallops covered with lobster sauce and diced zucchini is my favorite dish on earth, and I’ve told Celestino that if I’m going to the electric chair and get a last request it will be Mezzelune ravioli. The entrees are many and all fabulous, and I especially enjoy the Tagliata di Bue steak with arugula and Worcestershire vinaigrette. The Specialty pasta dishes are what this family is known for, and the black and white pasta is always a pleasure with any entree.

Il Pastaio's_Pana Coto Dessert

Il Pastaio’s Pana Coto Dessert


Wines at Il Pastaio are clearly purchased with their wonderful Italian recipes in mind, and come from all areas of Italy, as well as Europe and some great California wines, and they serve some wicked cocktails as well. Coffee and cappuccino are a perfect finish with dessert, and it will take you right back to your last visit to Italy. Desserts are familiar, but I do love their panna cotto. 


By Bonnie Carroll


Il Pastaio Ristorante

400 N. Canon Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Phone 310-205-5444