Whom do you believe?  Whose opinion really matters to you?  Whose opinion can sway you to make a purchase?  For instance, take the movie critics Ebert and Siskel,  I always agreed with Siskel and pretty much always disagreed with Ebert.  If Siskel liked a movie, then I knew I would like it, and if Ebert hated a movie, I knew I would love it.

Would you value the opinion of a rock star or a movie star?  I probably wouldn’t because I really don’t know them that well or anything about the validity of their opinions even though I may really like their performances.  On the other hand, if Cheech and Chong recommended a certain strain of marijuana, I would assume that it’s pretty darn good; after all, they should know.  If Chef Anthony Bourdain recommends a sushi joint, I’m there. I know his opinion is carved through years of travel and culinary experience and besides that I generally agree with his rants and raves.

Santana (yes, the musician) says this 200 year old tequila distiller, Casa Noble, makes his favorite agave juice so it just might be pretty darned tasty (or not), if musicians are to be believed.  After all, musicians are rumored to have a habit of over indulging in all things and also of having enough money to only over indulge in the finest things.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not accusing Santana of anything just propagating the cliché about musician’s excesses.

Besides, I really like tequila and I personally prefer the blanco or silver unaged and unoaked variety over the more expensive aged and oaked types.  I prefer the straight up taste of agave and don’t want it complicated to the point that it starts tasting like brandy.


Well, let’s see if Santana rocks on this one.  The Casa Noble Blanco Tequila comes in a beautiful and clear hand blown bottle that perfectly exhibits the clean clear liquid inside.  The nose is rich in fruity agave with hints of vanilla.  The agave aroma brings out the roasted notes nicely.  There is very little alcohol in the nose. On the palate, the agave fruit is mellow, oily and tasty and backed by the vanilla.  The flavor is spirited but not overly spicy.  The finish is relatively smooth and long and leaves behind a pleasant tingle.  This is quite good blanco tequila, and it looks like Santana rocks on this one.  We also made some margaritas with this tequila and they were quite tasty as well.

This tequila looks like it goes on sale quite a bit, and I found the 750 ml bottles ranging from $29.00 to $39.00.  In the mid to high 20’s, this stuff is a steal so be patient and when you find the right price pick up a couple of bottles. (Also, check out a special Casa Noble Cocktail, the Crystal Blue, from the Green City Market Chef’s BBQ Benefit.)


By George Brozowski